Vendor Business Continuity Guide

vendor business continuity

Ripcord Solutions, today announced it is publishing a guide to help companies ensure key third parties are adequately prepared to handle crisis events. The e-book, The Ideal Route to Better Vendor Continuity, is available for free download at

Third parties are a way of life for today’s businesses. The partnerships are beneficial for enterprise and vendor alike — their successes are often intertwined. However, when a vendor isn’t prepared for a crisis, the enterprise’s operations could also be disrupted. A company cannot afford to simply cross its fingers and hope a vendor is adequately addressing business continuity and disaster recovery. Ripcord’s new e-book examines the challenges companies face with vendor continuity and details steps that organizations can take to ensure their third parties are on the same preparedness page. Among the guide’s features:

  • Descriptions of some of the trends companies encounter with vendor continuity, including regulatory concerns and fourth and fifth parties
  • Five strategies for strengthening vendor continuity

“Contracting vendors to handle important business functions is not only a fact of life in today’s economy, but also an opportunity to form partnerships that benefit both parties,” says Paul Lambert, President of Ripcord Solutions. “Effective vendor continuity helps protect contracting companies from disruptions of service and other adversities that can work their way up the supply chain. Our new e-book assists organizations in charting a strategy to ensure that their vendors are taking preparedness as seriously as they do.”