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Mobile Device App loses data centre

Messaging app Telegram went wobbly on Thursday as one of its North American data centers closed down due to melting servers.

The messaging service said on Twitter that the facility had been experiencing “massive overheating” problems after the cooling center in the building failed. This, in turn, resulted in communication breaking down for the North America and Latin America regions, though no stored data was ever at risk, apparently.

Article from The Register

Chinas investments in flood management pay dividends in food crops

Although in 2016 China experienced the worst flooding since the 1-in-100 flood event of 1998, the impact of the flood has decreased significantly, according to Aon Benfield.

The company said that despite similar hazard patterns to the 1998 event flood damage to crops in 2016 was 70 percent lower than the earlier event.

According to Aon Benfield’s ‘Natural Catastrophe Report for China in Summer 2016’ report, 68 percent fewer crops were damaged in this summer’s event despite the fact that the Yangtze River experienced 20 percent higher-than-average precipitation in both event

A major reason behind the reduced flood losses is the increased investment and capabilities in flood forecast and control, boosting defence systems made by the Chinese government since 1998.

World’s largest fund manager evacuates following bomb threat

WESTPORT—Police evacuated Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, after reports of a bomb threat at its  headquarters around 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon..

Stamford Police and Connecticut State Police bomb squads searched the building on Wednesday and found no evidence of a bomb, according to a Westport Police press release.

Westport Fire was on the scene “in case things went bad,” Assistant Fire Chief Robert Yost said. Weston Police could also be seen at the Glendinning Place facility aiding Westport Police. By late afternoon, cars and Bridgewater employees could be seen leaving the area.

Police were also at two other Bridgewater locations in Westport, on Nyala Farms Road and Riverside Avenue. Just before 7:30 p.m., Farrell said the decision was up to Bridgewater management whether they would reopen their Glendinning Place facility.