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Will Brexit affect business risk and resilience?

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    I keep reading vastly differing reports on Brexit and how it’s affecting businesses in the eurozone. Personally I have seen relative calm since the out vote was announced. Does anyone else have first hand experience?



    The overall picture here is far from clear – even if the Uk government confirms the detailed basis of Brexit, these terms will be need to be negotiated with the EU and are therefore subject to change. Given the recent announcement that there will be “no serious negotiations for 12 months”, we really have very little information to go on.

    At this stage we have no idea of what the impact might be (except , of course, that there will be fluctuations in the financial markets as they attempt to respond to news.

    We really have limited options at this stage:
    – Prepare for the impacts of volatility in the financial markets and how this affects ongoing operating costs and longer term investment
    – Ensure that we have some kind of “radar” in place where developments can be monitored and regularly evaluated by senior management.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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