Email Scam Impersonates Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency


Vehicle owners are being targeted by an email scam which says they are owed a refund on their car tax from the DVLA. Here’s what to look out for…

Motorists have been sent fake e-mails from scammers pretending to be the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency.

According to BBC Watchdog, drivers have received an e-mail which appears to be from the DVLA and asks them to follow a link to fill out their personal information.The scam e-mail tells owners they have an “outstanding vehicle tax refund of £239.35 from an overpayment request” and are due a refund which can be accessed by following a link. The e-mail carries the official DVLA logos and even features a link to report spam and phishing e-mails.


An example of the email is given below