Cyber attacks target hospitals – putting lives at risk


Ransomware attacks hit hospitals

HACKERS demanding ransoms from hospitals in exchange for critical data could put patients’ lives at risk, according to a leading cybercrime expert.

Criminals are crippling hospitals and businesses with cyber attacks and demanding a cash ransom.

Steven Wilson, at the Cybercrime Centre at Europol, says the so-called ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly co-ordinated.. “We’ve had multiple cases on health services, simply because they had files that were locked in and they were critical to patient care.

“The problem is that if they didn’t have them, somebody could die. When you start getting to that level, it underlines the serious nature of what’s involved.

Hackers have already attacked at least 28 NHS trusts in the UK. Hospitals are considered the perfect targets because they provide critical care reliant on patient records.