Business Continuity Incident: Power failure hits Rolls-Royce facility

Power failure hits Rolls-Royce facility

Engineers are on site at Rolls-Royce in Hucknall investigating the cause of an explosion on Wednesday morning.

A cordon was put in place by the fire service and staff were evacuated from the Watnall Road site shortly after 6.10am.

Fire crews from Hucknall and Stockhill were called out after reports of a “small explosion” at the electricity substation.

A spokeswoman for Western Power Distribution said: “We are aware of an issue at Rolls-Royce this morning. We are still on site but we can’t find exactly what the problems is. There is some kind of fault at the substation there.

“The fire service initially put a cordon in place and when we arrived we were not allowed into the substation. We are now working to try and fix the problem as quickly as we can.

“There is currently no power to the building.”

A spokeswoman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue said: “Hangars five, six and seven were evacuated after we received a call about a small explosion at Rolls-Royce in Hucknall.

“Western Power Distribution carried out an inspection and we were released from the scene. We left shortly after 8.15am.”

A Rolls-Royce spokesperson said: “We can confirm that there was a small incident at an electrical substation on our Hucknall site early this morning.

“This has led to a loss of power at our Rolls-Royce facility.

“There were no dangers to personnel, but due to this power failure, we have made the decision to send a number of employees home.

“Western Power Distribution engineers are on site and are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible.”