Business Continuity Incident: Giant sinkhole appears in Japanese city


Giant sinkhole in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, causes major disruption to several large businesses

Authorities have evacuated buildings in a Japanese city after a giant sinkhole appeared prompting concerns for surrounding buildings.

The sinkhole measures 27 metres wide, 30 metres long and 15 metres deep causing a five-lane road in the centre of the city of Fukuoka to collapse around 5am local time.

There are widespread disruptions to local electricity, water and gas supplies but reports of injuries.

By mid-morning, 15 major buildings and 157 other structures remained without power, according to the Kyushu Electric Company.

Local authorities were investigating the cause, but reports suggest ongoing construction work to an underground train line may have been a factor.

Thoughts for business continuity managers

Several impacts from a single incident Рdenial of access to business premises, power failures affecting information systems and damage to public infrastructure. Recovery timeline? Who knows?  Buildings could be unavailable for months (and may even be condemned), health & safety & environmental concerns will also add to the length of ourage.