Business Continuity Incident: Communications company offices hit by fire



Tait Communications chief executive Garry Diack said on Friday night that half of the building, including the leased office space, was completely “burnt out”.

He told RNZ it had been undergoing refurbishment for a possible sale and would cost millions to rebuild.

Electronic materials stored in the building had minor damage to packaging, but the business would not be affected.

“No-one was harmed, which is good, and the impact to the business is minimal, but it’s disappointing we have an asset that has been damaged.”

Christchurch-based Fire Region Commander Steve Turek said the fire was well developed when firefighters arrived.

Firefighters cut their way through the front roller doors and attacked the fire from the back and above.

Crews, wearing breathing equipment, worked “quite arduously in heavy smoke conditions”, he said.


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