Business Continuity & Cyber Security Incident Log w/e March 3rd 2017


Defence Ministry of Singapore hit by Cyber Attack


The Defence Ministry of Singapore’s internet system (I-net) has been subjected to a cyber attack.  The attack breached the Ministry’s cyber security defences and has resulted in the theft of the personal data of 850 employees and conscripted military personnel.

Detailed forensic investigations are now underway. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence stated that the attack was  “targeted and carefully planned,”

More detail on Mashable

Luxembourg Government Systems hit by Cybersecurity attack

Luxembourg’s internet infrastructure has been targeted by a malicious DDoS attack that began on Monday morning.

On the morning of February 27th the web servers of many state authorities and offices were reported down or difficult to reach.

At 10.50 am, the state-owned IT operator “Centre des Techniques de l’information de l’Etat” (CTIE) announced via Twitter stating the state network was subjected to a “distributed denial of service attack” (DDoS).

Neither the source nor the identities of the perpetrators are know at this stage

Montenegro turns to UK for help after Russian Based cyber attacks

Following it’s decision to join NATO and an attempted coup , Montenegro has claimed it suffered sustained cyber attacks against state websites on the day the foiled coup was due to take place, and was then the target of another wave of attacks during February.

Both Montenegro and British officials have accused Russia of being behind the coup plot, to stop Montenegro joining Nato. Russia has rejected the accusations.

Yahoo confirms hack was facilitated by forged “cookies”

Yahoo has confirmed today that the hackers gained access to millions of user accounts by stealing Yahoo’s cookie generator code

South Korean Airport Retail Site taken out – alleges state hackers

The outage was caused by a a DDoS attack, reportedly emanating from Ip addresses on the Chinese mainland

Widespread Evacuation after WWII bomb discovered on London building site

Homes, schools and businesses were evacuated following the discovery of an unexploded WWII bomb in Brondesbury Park after the device was discovered at about 11.30am on Thursday, 2nd March.


Cyber attack on US company affects UK National Health Service

The Bournemouth Echo has reported that the confidential information of staff at Royal Bournemouth Hospital told could have been compromised in a successful cyber security attack on the US company Landauer in October last year.

Landauer provides ionising radiation monitoring services used by many NHS trusts and health boards. The company holds personal information including names, radiation doses, dates of birth and national insurance numbers for NHS staff.